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Welcome to The Pilgrim Healers Group UK web site

We are a group of professional healers and therapist’s that have combined our experience and knowledge together to formulate this healing and complementary therapy group that will provide the much needed standards safeguard for both patients, healers and practitioners alike. We are committed to providing all clients/patients with the service they require and to operating our services in line with the statutory requirements. The Pilgrim Healers Group UK represents the varied multitude of holistic/complementary therapies that exist today. Our expertise is unique in all aspects of complementary therapy practices. We facilitate all aspects of healing and complementary therapy awareness and education; provide an extensive high standard of training and continuing professional development programs. We maintain a continuous communication with the UK Government, regularly update on developments that could bring about a united healing movement, maintaining national occupational standards and complementary practitioner development, as well as a network of communication across the wide range of complementary care sectors to encourage similarity of safe practice and standards whilst retaining each individual healing/complementary therapy organisations own autonomy. In order to ensure that the high level of confidentiality, respect and trust between the members of the public, our members and the Pilgrim Healers Group UK we maintain a register of complementary therapists and healer members. All Pilgrim Healers practitioners & healers adhere to a Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics, as a result of which all our members are renown with a universally respected reputation for being highly professional, caring, considerate and extremely confidential at all times within their practice. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, personal healing/complementary therapy group. Our main concern is the well being of our patients/clients. We welcome healers, therapists and practitioners from all healing or complementary therapy disciplines and techniques that are able to demonstrate a recognised qualification in their healing/complementary therapy field, along with evidence of a minimum training period appropriate to their particular healing/complementary therapy practice. The Pilgrim Healers Group UK is a member of The Alliance of Healing Associations, (Formally ‘The British Alliance of Healing Associations’) consisting of other like-minded healing associations or organisations throughout the UK.